Appetizer – Apricots Wrapped in Bacon

Today I’m starting my blog, working my way through all of the recipes of the new Redeemer cookbook. The last cookbook, published in 1988, was handed to me at my husband’s installation dinner. The former pastor’s wife lovingly charged me with the project of creating a new cookbook. Four Christmases, four Easters, two chili fests, two Octoberfests, and over 200 recipes later, here we are.

photo 1-5

It’s interesting to see the differences between our brand-new cookbook and the one published 25 years ago. The 1988 version is over double the size, with many more divisions in categories. I didn’t take time to count, but estimated that there are over 400 recipes included. In the newest version, I struggled to get church members to contribute the 250+ recipes. It’s just 106 pages. I kept hearing from people that they don’t cook much, they just get their recipes from online sources, etc. A sign of the times? Church attendance is not what it was in Redeemer’s heyday, and more people eat out, or don’t use printed cookbooks as much.

But even so, it was a fun project to oversee. So far I’ve only discovered one major error–but Barbara, my Bible study buddy reminds me, “Nobody’s perfect.” I’ll get to that later.

photo-41Now about the recipe: You had me at “wrapped in bacon.” This recipe looks pretty easy. I’m heading out to grocery shop now. More soon.

But a word first about the contributor and chairwoman of the last cookbook, Carol Drews. I so admire Carol’s grace, her poise, her positive outlook on life, and her faith. She is one of those lovely people God has placed in my life. It’s as if He’s telling me: “See Carol over there? Model your life after hers. She’s got it together.” And she truly does, this sister in the faith.

Later: So this recipe calls for pre-cooked bacon, which is pretty great since cooking bacon is such a pain in the neck. The best way I’ve found to cook bacon is to lay several pieces flat on a cookie sheet and cook the bacon in an oven at about 350 degrees for 40 minutes or so. However, Carol gave us the gift of requiring pre-cooked bacon for this recipe, so fine, I’ll do it her way.

This appetizer came out delicious. I love the soft sweet center with the savory wrapping. Delicious! And it only has five ingredients–my kind of recipe. I get really annoyed with recipes that call for 47 ingredients and take 18 steps to accomplish. Every pan in my kitchen is dirty and I’m left with a dish that is consumed in 15 minutes with little to no fanfare. But not so with this yummy appetizer. Thank you, Carol!


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