Appetizer – Bar Nuts

ImageI love these bar nuts and have seen good variations here and here. They are so delicious and keep really well. I made big batches of this recipe and gave them in the Christmas packages I sent to my family. Yum.Image

Here’s the sad typo I mentioned in my first post. I’d eaten these delicious nuts about a year ago and knew the rosemary was what made them so special. Jeff wrote up the recipe, which clearly says “rosemary” on it. But then somehow mysteriously, I typed “parsley” in place of rosemary. Argh. The joys of typos. It wasn’t spelled wrong, but it was definitely wrong. Sorry, Jeff. Since I made the recipe shortly after we received the brand-spankin’-new cookbooks, my kind bible study buddies helped me change all of the recipes in the books that hadn’t been passed out yet. Thanks, ladies.

We started collecting recipes for this new cookbook about six or eight months ago. Because many of Redeemer members had had my family over to their homes for meals, I knew a little bit about the cooks from whom I was seeking recipes. I asked that they share this poundcake recipe or that delicious BBQ brisket one. One of the great things about being a pastor’s wife is that I really get to know so many of our members. I don’t mean that my husband tells me everyone’s secret confessions. Not that at all. He doesn’t. But still, I know who’s been in the hospital, who’s struggling through a family crisis, whose grandfather died recently. And I learn all of these things at family gatherings, funeral lunches, baptism parties, and other church events. Thankfully, for me, I get to taste a lot of good cooking, including these delicious bar nuts from Jeff Williamson-Link. Jeff has become involved in the leadership of our youth group over the last year or so, and what a generous, dedicated, and humble leader he is. Thank you, Jeff!


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