Appetizer – Ham & Cheese Sandwiches

For youth group this coming Sunday, Jan. 5, I think I’ll make these. I learned about a very similar recipe at a new cooking club at Elmhurst Public Library, where I am so happy to work. Our cooking crew even has a Pinterest board, and you can see some of the recipes we’re gathering.

At our first meeting, MaryBeth Campe, our library director and the cooking crew presenter, told us about different kinds of small sandwiches like these that she made for a gathering with her older kids. One recipe she used was like this–ham and cheese. Another was an classic slider recipe with a ground beef patty. She suggested one other option, but for youth group, I think I’ll just try this recipe and add the classic sliders. Here is the recipe for the cooking crew’s ham and cheese sliders. You can see that the recipe in the Redeemer cookbook (p. 1) is very similar, but does not include the mayo and Miracle Whip.

Mary Beth suggested getting the dinner rolls at GFS, and once the sandwiches are assembled, place them on a large pan, a little larger than a jelly roll pan and cover them with foil. They can be stored for a day or two until the event, and then heated through on the day.  She also gave a tip for the classic sliders. She suggested using ground beef, Lipton soup mix, water, and breadcrumbs. Mix all together and then press into one large patty on a jelly roll pan and cook through. Then slice the patty up into dinner-roll-size portions, place them on the bun, and add American cheese. She said to keep the storage bags for the dinner rolls as the pre-made sandwiches can be kept in those until it’s time to heat them in the microwave for the event.

Marian Fick contributed this recipe, and it’s no surprise that she has given such a simple, delicious, and hearty addition to the cookbook. There are some people whose gift is hospitality, and that is certainly true of Marian and her husband Bob. Whenever they host us for a meal, we always come away well-fed and happy. They even generously donated the use of their lake house to around 20 teens and adults this fall for a retreat. What a blessing she and her husband are!

Anyway, I think pictures of the kids chowing down on the sandwiches should accompany this post, don’t you?

Update: Well, sadly, due to our severe cold, I had to cancel youth group after all. But I made up these sandwiches tonight since I’d already purchased the supplies. Here’s a shot of their yumminess:


Coming up next week:

Nancy Olson’s Beef Brisket (p. 39)

Sally MacInnes’ creamed spinach (p. 27)

And…the 3rd annual Redeemer Chili Fest is Sat., Jan. 11, so I’ll be taking two dishes made from the cookbook since I won’t make chili this year. The two things I’ll bring will be: 

Joan Hoff’s cold pasta salad (p. 27) and

Laura Parat’s Mint Pudding Dessert (p. 83). 


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