Main Dish – Beef Brisket

This recipe (p. 39) comes from Nancy O., one of those top-requested ones I mentioned in an earlier post. Or I should say, it was one of those that I nagged Nancy about until she was sick of my texts and finally gave it to me just to get me out of her hair.

You’ll thank me for my nagging once you make this delicious main dish, that–I can say from personal experience–is still delicious a couple of days after it’s made, which I–and my gallbladder loved. In fact, Nancy notes in the recipe that it’s best made the day before, hence the deliciousness later on.

The first time I had this, Nancy made it for our book club, the one I missed last December because I was in the ER getting ultrasounds on my gallbladder and taking painkillers that made me extremely happy. After I got out of the hospital, Nancy was kind enough to bring us some of her brisket leftovers. Yum.

The other great thing about this recipe is that it’s so simple. Are you catching onto my theme? Simple is good when it comes to cooking for me since I get so easily flustered and distracted in the kitchen. I forget things–like the Middle Eastern rice and beans I left in the frig on New Year’s Eve and still remains uneaten. Or serving drinks for dinner at youth group. Or eggs boiling on the stove until the water is gone and the pan itself starts cooking. You know, that kind of thing.

But this recipe is idiot-proof with just four ingredients–beef brisket, coffee, chili sauce, and brown sugar. (And I noticed that Barbara Stumpf’s brisket recipe is even easier. Its one ingredient? Brisket.) So easy. My favorite meatloaf (p. 57) recipe also calls for chili sauce and brown sugar, so maybe that’s why I like this so much. That and the not-being-able-to-mess-it-up part of it. So here’s the brisket.


Since we have a small family, and because brisket was not on sale, I decided to go with a smaller cut of beef–about 2 1/2 pounds instead of the 4 Nancy’s recipe calls for. And here is the brisket ready to go in the oven.


I wish you could smell the barbecue yumminess coming from my kitchen right now with this brisket cooking. The leftovers may be better tomorrow, but that won’t stop us from eating a portion tonight. And Scott declared: “It is delicious!”


A wellness seminar offered by my employer a couple of weeks ago was called “Bringing out the Best in Others.” And this makes me think of Nancy, or should I say Nonny, who her grandkids and the youth lovingly call her. Nancy’s smile, warmth, generosity, and friendship always helps to bring out the best in others. I see it in the people around her–her lovely family and friends. Last summer, when I was on a mission trip with the youth in North Carolina, we got mail almost every day from our congregation. On one day, Nancy sent crisp $5 to all the kids along with her good wishes and prayers. See what I’m talking about? She shows her gratitude and kindness in a way that makes us want to be better. So, thank you, Nancy, and happy birthday!

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