Vegetable – Roasted Potatoes and Onions

Today is Epiphany, Jan. 6, the first day of a new church season after the 12 days of Christmas. On Epiphany, the church celebrates the coming of the Magi to give the Christ child gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. The themes of Epiphany are Christ as the Light of the world and light and the opening up of the gospel message to everyone, not only the Jewish people. The main reading for Epiphany Day is from Matthew 2.

In our home, what we’ve done for as long as I can remember is put the creche up in the dining room, on the hutch I inherited from my Gamma. In the beginning of Advent, we put the stable and animals out. Mary and Joseph then trek around the living room until they make their way to the stable on Christmas Eve during the day, and Baby Jesus appears after late service that night. I remember Jacob being very excited about getting Jesus out of the drawer after that late service when he was young.

Then it’s time for the three wise men to make their way around the living room to the creche for the twelve days of Christmas. They stop on the coffee table, the side table, the dining room table, and then finally on Jan. 6 end up at the stable. It’s just a small reminder of the church year in our family celebration. I’m partial to the Fontanini nativity set. For several years, I was adding a piece each Christmas, but sadly, I’ve let that tradition slide. Must revive it next year. For more information on the church year, go here, and for the lectionary (the Bible readings for each Sunday of the church year), go here.

Sadly, due to the severe cold in our area, our church had to cancel the Epiphany service scheduled for this evening. Last year we had a lively and festive Epiphany. It fell on Sunday, and on that day we welcomed several new families to our church. We toasted the Epiphany with champagne and a king’s cake. It was a joyous occasion.

Anyway, now to the potato dish. Along with the Russian Chicken, I decided to make these roasted potatoes (p. 25) to accompany the chicken instead of adding the suggested bed of rice. The theme of the day was onion soup mix! I added the soup mix to the Russian chicken as well as to this delicious potato dish. I didn’t have a larger roasting pan, so I used my 9 x 13. The potatoes didn’t come out as crispy as if the pan had been larger, but they were still very tasty!


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