Salad – Corned Beef Salad

The recipes I love the most are the ones passed down from my mom and grandmother. I’ve already touched on those in my cookie posts.

But sometimes our expectations of grandma’s recipes are different from actuality. We pull a yellowed, stained card from our grandmother’s recipe box and think we’ll find a no-fail pie crust, a savory beef stroganoff, or a well-loved chicken pot pie. But we may be surprised.


How ’bout we throw a tossed salad together and mold it into orange jello, yeah, that’s a good idea!

Today’s recipe is corned beef salad (p. 9). I found a funny post about corned beef jello, not too far off from this one. And here’s one about shrimp frosted jell-o. Yikesies.

Grandmas’ recipes seem like they should be filled with heavy cream, butter, and yumminess.

But it seems our mothers and grandmothers in the middle of the 20th century veered off onto an odd tangent. I mean, come on: meat and jello?

Today, the official Jell-O website only touts the food as a snack or dessert–not a main dish. So, I guess our tastes have changed.

Still, I must say I tried this corned beef salad at a gathering in December, and it was pretty good. Nancy remembers her mother making this for ladies’ lunches at her home, and she pulled it into our gathering that evening because it fit with the theme of the night of southern food.

What I love about including all of these interesting recipes is the way they’ve come to us. Nancy has fond memories of her mother serving this dish, however odd it may seem to our sensibilities about jello. And besides, this recipe gives the salad section of our cookbook character.

I’m working on some other posts about vintage recipes, so I’ll touch on this subject more later.


…wait for it…

…an entire post about Jell-O is coming your way! I knew you’d be excited.


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