Soup – Cooper’s Crab Bisque

The cold and snow of the last week or so is finally moderating, and the melting snow is creating…icicles! I went out on a morning last week for some good icicle pictures. I decided to make them black and white since the winter landscape is pretty much devoid of color anyhow.




Even though it’s not freezing-your-nostrils-together-cold out, soup still seems like the perfect steamy treat for January. I’ve chosen Cooper’s Crab Bisque (p. 19) from the cookbook this week.

Cooper’s Crab Bisque

The Madeira wine called for in this recipe is a bit tricky to find. I learned that it’s a fortified wine (which means brandy or something else has been added) from Portugal that is used in cooking both sweet and savory dishes. The above link gives some possible substitutions, but as the blog writer notes, they lack the interesting flavors of the Madeira. Kelly was gracious enough to give me some of her Marsala wine, a good substitute for Madeira. She saved me a trip to the liquor store.

It’s easy to find crab meat imitations; not so easy to find the real thing. But I found this product from Chicken of the Sea:


Lump crab meat and the old standard, Old Bay seasoning. Can’t eat shrimp without it!

The vegetables called for in the recipe are basic enough: onion, carrots, and celery. But the recipe calls for them to be minced. Eh? All-knowing Google came to my aid. Basically, it means to chop them super-duper small. Okay, I can handle that.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESWell, this soup is out-of-this-world good! Creamy, buttery with fabulous flavor. I added more veggies than the recipe called for and all was well. Amazing! You have to try this soup.



Don’t plan on having a clean stove top or counter after you make this. But it’s so worth it.

As Kelly notes in the recipe, this is not only a delicious recipe, but also quite healthy. She should know: she’s a dietician, fitness guru, and all-around health educator extraordinaire! Not only that, but Kelly is a gracious and generous host for our women’s bible study, and always finds the perfect thing to say at the perfect moment. One recipe I regret didn’t make it into the cookbook was Kelly’s spanokopita. More on that to come.

One response

  1. Julie, as always, you made my day! Thank you for the kind words 🙂
    This blog is such a beautiful work of art! I can’t stop reading it!

    The Cooper’s Crab Bisque came from a famous restaurant in Scranton, PA, “Coopers” Lots of local celebrities, including current VP Joe Biden (a Scranton native), Dwight and Michael from “The Office” and even Hillary and Bill Clinton have eaten there (albeit at her dad’s funeral- he was a native too).
    I went to college in Scranton and this was a favorite place near campus to go out to dinner with my folks before going back to hit the books. My mom and I make this soup every winter, always for Christmas eve dinner. I also add more veggies than it calls for 🙂

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