Soup – Easy Vegetable Soup

Have you noticed that I’ve tried all the recipes with “easy” in the title?

Right now, I’m facing an enormous pile of black socks, fresh from the clothes dryer. They’re tangled, twisted, inside-out. Sorting through this mess is going to be difficult, and they’ve been sitting in the dryer–dry–for at least a couple of days because of that.

First, the pile started growing on top of the dryer as solo black socks got tossed there when I couldn’t find their mates. It started as two or three socks and grew and grew until I now have a pile of probably 40 socks or more. 

So I decided to clear off the top of the dryer and toss them all in the washer. I felt great about the newly visible top of the dryer, but now get to sort this mess.

I love Flylady who has helped me to learn how to tend to my home and family while working. She taught me to always think in terms of baby steps–breaking down a daunting task to more manageable steps.

That’s the only way I can get through difficult recipes. But then I come across a little gem like this one. 

Easy Vegetable Soup

I’m a sucker for “fast” or “easy” recipes that are also tasty. This one will definitely be added to my list of keepers.

Because this one really is easy.

It calls for prepared veg stock. I’ve yet to make my own stock, but there are tons of recipes for homemade veg stock. I liked this one because you can use the “garbage” from vegetables–peels, skin, etc. that we don’t normally wish to consume–to make the stock.


Easy Veg Soup with Wasa sourdough crackers & Laughing Cow spreadable bleu cheese. Yum

First I cooked onion in olive oil, added some herbs and a little salt, and then used low-sodium veg stock like the recipe calls for, 2 cartons. I added two bags of frozen soup vegetables, and voila! Lunchtime! Joan H. who contributed the recipe suggests making this ahead to take to work for lunches. I like that idea.

Now I’m headed back to my pile of black socks. Baby steps!


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