Main Dish – Easy Chicken Parmesan

Well, obviously I had to talk about this: a dog named Tommy in Italy lost his owner a couple of months ago. While his owner was alive, he went everywhere with her, even to church. When she died, he showed up at the funeral mass without anyone bringing him, and he’s kept on coming. Now is welcomed into the church every day when the mass bells chime, perhaps finding comfort in that routine he had with his special person.


Here’s my special buddy, Lucy. What a faithful companion. Now that we’ve all got warm fuzzies, it’s time to move onto another warm (but hopefully not fuzzy) topic…

Easy Chicken Parmesan

Big surprise: I chose another “easy” recipe.

I’d add a caveat: this is sorta easy. Whenever I have to cook something twice, that moves it into the category of “sorta.”

But maybe it’s meant that this is an easy chicken parm, and that chicken parm in itself is not easy.

In any case, this is only sorta.

Preparing the chicken to go into the oven

Preparing the chicken to go into the oven

Anyhoo, my 18-year-old was extremely happy about this recipe.

So happy in fact that he insisted that we have bread so that he could make it into a chicken parm sandwich.

So happy that he even went out and bought the bread.

You know, that happy. (But not so happy that he paid for the rolls himself, of course.)


Sauce with chicken in background

This would be an easy recipe to double. The leftovers were almost better than on the day I cooked it. Either way, though, it’s a winner. Probably not a weeknight recipe for me because I usually get home from work around 5:15, and then often have a short turnaround time because I’m heading to church or somewhere for another evening activity.

But definitely this would be a good weekend bet.

I bought 2% mozzarella to save on calories, and this melted perfectly. The breading is minimal on the chicken.


Cheesy, chicken-y, saucy—yum!

I made quite a bit of eggplant parmesan last summer, and I skipped the frying step, just adding the breaded eggplant directly to the oven. May try that the next time I make this.


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