Main Dish – Bassin’s Beef Brisket


It’s a snowy afternoon. Beautiful fat snowflakes are drifting lazily to the ground. Perfect snowflakes for my first attempt at photographing one with a point-and-shoot camera.

I found a how-to here, but it suggests looking at snowflakes at night. I’d read somewhere that you could use a black cloth to capture the images. What I tried was using a plastic picture frame with a piece of blue construction paper as a backdrop. I liked this image because it reflects the branching treetops while also capturing the snowflakes. After outside shoveling in the cold, it was oh-so comforting to come into the door with savory brisket in the air as it slowly cooked. Yum…

Bassin’s Beef Brisket

This recipe first directs that the meat be seared at 500 degrees for about a half hour. My oven is not the best, so I am not sure it worked quite right. After I turned the temp down to 350 degrees, it cooked wonderfully for about 2 hours.


Here is the pan filled with the veggies to flavor the gravy.


I strained out the veggies, and was left with a flavorful home-cooked broth.


Here’s the finished meat.


And my delicious dinner! I roasted some potatoes to accompany the meat.

One thing I loved about this recipe was making the gravy. I’ve never mastered gravy. Most often these days, I make it from a packet. But this was a very instructive recipe so that I could learn how to actually put a good gravy together.

And here’s a great historical website that shows Bassin’s, the restaurant Barbara referred to in her directions. And here’s another one, Barb, just for you! It may bring back memories since you said you visited the restaurant back in 1962.

Note: I noticed that the recipe did not specify how much shortening to use in the pan, so I threw in about 2-3 T, which seemed fine.

Personally, I’m partial to BBQ brisket, but this is a good no-nonsense brisket recipe you can use as a nice foundation. Experiment from this with other additions.


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