Bonus recipe – Indoor S’mores

A Hint of Summer

Two weeks ago, I tried to get the youth group together, but we had to postpone because of the frigid weather. Although we’re still in the throes of winter, the weather moderated a bit so that we were able to get out this past Sunday evening.

We had our delicious sliders, and then it was time for indoor s’mores.

Indoor S’mores

One of the kids tonight said they went to a restaurant in Arizona where they served tabletop s’mores. I looked it up, and found this fabulous-sounding place in Phoenix. Tabletop s’mores–brilliant!

For your own indoor s’mores, the basic supplies needed are a wooden window box, pea gravel, and sterno.

The window box is filled with pea gravel. Then four cans of sterno are wedged into the pebbles. I borrowed this fabulous set-up from the leader of our cooking crew at the library. Isn’t it snazzy? And the church was neither burned down nor smoke alarms set off!


While we were in North Carolina last summer on our youth group’s mission trip, we had s’mores on a warm June night. The college boys who set up the fire got a little overeager: the bonfire was so big and intense that it was hard to get close enough to roast the marshmallows. That was a fire!


These little flames in the sterno were plenty big to get our marshmallows to a golden brown. It was a nice wintertime treat–with a little hint of summer.


2 responses

  1. What a neat way to recall memories of camping trips in Rocky Mountain National Park – – – campfires were neat, huh? S’mores were our mystery treats.

  2. Those S’mores bring back a ton of memories to this old man. Yep, even after a zillion years have seemingly passed by, I can still recall campfires in Rocky Mountain National Park and fixing them over an open campfire. Remember?
    DoodAH ;-}}

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