Bonus recipe – Pizza!

For our second-to-last (hopefully) youth group fundraiser at Redeemer this school year, we are making homemade pizzas. In the past the youth group made sub sandwiches to sell on Super Bowl Sunday. But these got too complicated. We had several combinations of meats and cheeses, options of toppings, etc. There’s a reason why Subway restaurants produce their sandwiches one at a time, to the specifications of each customer. But that mentality makes it tricky to mass-produce subs for a fundraiser. So I decided to change from subs to pizzas this year.

I’m perfecting the recipe to make them inexpensive but also tasty. GFS is a great food distributor for this since they produce quality goods at bulk rates.

For a 12″ pizza, here is the breakdown of ingredients, along with the order numbers from GFS in case you want to try your own fundraiser.

12″ Pizza for Fundraisers


1. Pizza shell – frozen shells – 3 per package, thawed (527360)

2. Pizza sauce – 3/4 c., spread evenly on the shell (1002341)

3. Italian Pizza Seasoning  – 1 tablespoon, sprinkled over the top of the pizza (413461)


4. Cheese – 1 1/2 c., sprinkled evenly (421812)


5. Pepperoni – 18 pieces, distributed evenly (729981)


OR Pizza “Topping” (Sausage) – 1 c. (499552)

Bake at 375 degrees for 12-15 minutes. Best if pizza is placed directly on oven rack.

If this doesn't look delicious to you, you're probably not American.

If this doesn’t look delicious to you, you’re probably not American.


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