Salad – Cherry Chicken Salad

Nesting Dolls

I collect matroyshka, or nesting dolls. Originally from Russia, these dolls nest, one inside the next, until you get to the tiniest one. The ones I love most are the traditional or story dolls.


Nesting dolls

I have a set that tells the story of the Turnip. The turnip story is about a farmer who alone can’t pull out his giant turnip. So he enlists help–first from his wife, then his child, then the dog, then the cat. Finally when he asks the mouse to pull on the long line of helpers, out pops the turnip. As you might guess, the nesting dolls follow this line of characters, starting with the farmer and ending with the mouse.

When I was a little girl, I remember being amazed by these dolls. It was like one little Christmas surprise after another, and reminds me of good twists and turns in well-told stories. But good twists and turns that all fit neatly together in the end. This is why I love M. Night Shyamalan‘s movies and Dickens’ novels. And let’s hope that our lives, though sometimes messy and chaotic and broken may in the end nest together.


Just figured out that I love these nesting dishes because of my love of nesting dolls

Cherry Chicken Salad

What’s great about the best recipes is this “nesting” of flavors, layering the sweet and savory, peppery, salty, and sour.


Cherry Chicken Salad

This chicken salad recipe pulls together this nice variety–the peppery tarragon, the sweet cherries, the savory chicken and onion.

I used garlic & herb high-fiber, low carb tortillas, layered on the arugula, and then added a plop of chicken salad. Yum.

If you want to eat delicious dried cherries, order them from Chukar. I visited Washington state a few years back and brought some of these home, which I got at Pikes Place Market. Best cherries ever.

But because my grocery budget was tight this week, I didn’t mail order them. And the only dried cherries I found at the grocery store were over $5 for a little package. So I decided to try cherry-juice infused cranberries. Wow–these are great! Soft, juicy, and cherry-y, and at $1.99, within my budget.

P.S. I’ve been cooking and blogging for a month now–25 recipes in, with only 235 to go! I was looking at the cookie recipes today. I’m going to have to dive into the desserts soon (sort of like Dewey).


Don’t mind Dewey. He’s just dumpster diving.

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