Main Dish – Hidden Valley Chicken Wings

Cabin Fever

It’s the last day of January. All I hear, left and right is: “I’ve had enough of this weather! How about you?”

We’ve come to that point in the winter where Christmas feels like ages ago, we’ve given up our New Year’s resolutions, and we’re crabby 24/7.

It’s getting bad.

Someone cut me off with their grocery cart at the store and I found myself immediately plotting revenge. Please, earth, turn on your axis a little faster this year! We need a good thaw.


Please. It could not come soon enough.

Hidden Valley Ranch Wings

I realized later that these could have been categorized as appetizers, but I think I had wings-as-dinner on the brain when I was deciding whether these yummy wings would be either an appetizer or main dish.

Jacob has very strong feelings against boneless chicken wings. I’m not quite sure why. I mean, what’s wrong with boning meat? But his moral stance against boneless chicken wings seems fixed.

I bought a family pack of chicken wings, and weirdly, as I was dipping each one individually into the sauce before cooking, I noticed on one these little white stick thingies poking out. Wha???

Finally figured it out–two feathers hadn’t been removed. I mean, when was the last time you got fresh chicken from the grocery store with feathers attached? That was a first for me.

I removed the feathers, pretended it hadn’t happened, and went on dipping. It’s really quite a simple recipe: melted better, vinegar, and hot sauce slathered onto each wing, and then baked for about 30-40 minutes. We like spicy food, so I would’ve used more hot sauce, but I didn’t want to go crazy.


Along with the wings, we had celery and Hidden Valley Ranch dip. Of course, I had to go check out the Hidden Valley Ranch website, and found a delicious looking burger recipe.

Lynda M., the contributor of this recipe and her family have been such a joy to get to know these past four years. They dog-sat for us last summer, and Lucy loved it there. I’m sure it was a much more exciting place to be than our staid and quiet house. I’m so thankful for this family involved in our youth group and always, always helping at church.


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