Main Dishes – Oriental Meatballs

Hope for the Hurting

On Sunday evening, we got together at church to make fleece blankets for an organization called Phil’s Friends, a group that brings Christ-centered hope to cancer patients. They send cards and packages to kids and adults with a cancer diagnosis. If you know someone who could use support, you can anonymously give their name and contact information to receive a care package and weekly, personalized card. The blankets we made will go into the care packages. The founder of the organization, Phil, had a cancer diagnosis in his early twenties and found that care packages and cards meant the world to him as he was fighting cancer. So this is a great organization, with roots right here in Elmhurst.

Couple funny things from kids at church today:

I saw Pastor at Starbucks in regular clothes! I thought he had to always wear the black shirts.

And speaking of what a pastor wears, someone else wondered,

Does Pastor get hot wearing all those robes in church? 


Would it be church if he didn’t wear them?

 Yes, we’d still have church even without robes! Okay, now what is a Creed?

Isn’t a Creed the thing that pastor talks?

No, that’s a sermon.

Oh!!! I know. It’s a statement of belief. 

You got it! Okay, now, what about absolution? What’s that?


I’ll give you a hint. It has to do with confession. 

Oh, confession? We’re always late to church so we miss that part. 

Oriental Meatballs

Speaking of names of things, it seems to me that a good name for these meatballs to give an idea of the flavor is to call them ‘Sweet and sour meatballs.’


For some reason, these didn’t really stick together into balls. They were more like meat lumps. Or meat clumps. They had a nice sweet/sour flavor, but I wish they’d stuck together better. But either way, they tasted good. I wonder if it might be because of the type of ground beef (I got 93% lower fat).

This reminds me–oddly–of something Jacob and I discovered. I always thought those things you drive over in your car were called “speed bumps.” But then we saw a sign (we think in Pennsylvania?) that named them “speed humps.” Humps? Bumps? Clumps? Lumps? Ooh…I’m sensing a book idea forming.


And here are the meatballs, along with the (more successful) creamed spinach. Donna H., who added this recipe to the cookbook always has a kind word, shows grace in her setbacks, and a ready and helpful attitude.


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