Salad – Steak House Wedge Salad

The Stories that Move Us

Facebook and Twitter were all abuzz earlier in January with the season premiere of Downton Abbey. I’ve watched this show from the very beginning because I usually record all PBS Masterpiece shows anyway.

The story began with Matthew, this upstart heir of the Downton estate and followed him throughout its drama. The Earl of Grantham had no son, so the estate would pass to his nearest male relative, a cousin’s son or some such. That was Matthew. He didn’t want to be Earl. He had no need of a butler, and already had a profession as a solicitor. But as the episodes went on, he softened and grew more sophisticated. And was it possible a budding romance with the Earl’s oldest daughter could end the inheritance issue altogether?

Spoiler alert (don’t read on, Mom): However, the actor decided after three seasons he’d had enough. When he would not renew his contract, they had no choice but to kill him off. All the fans of the show were mortified. How could they do that?

In an interview with the actors, they bemoaned the fact that their families were upset with them. After all, they reminded us, this is only a TV show after all.  (Spoiler alert concluded)

Of course that’s true. But stories have always captured us, from the dawn of time. Our stories help us to empathize. We feel what the characters feel. They are instructive in that way–we see how others get through love, loss, and even death.

The Bible itself is one long narrative of God and His people, of heartbreaks and pain, of joy and glory, of journeys and captivity and rescue and reunions. And that story–the truest story–is the best one of all.

Steak House Wedge Salad

Now I’ll tell you a story about a salad.

This story begins with an iceberg lettuce. You add some shifty tomato characters, toss in a wily radish as a bad guy, zing the reader with red onion (a twist in the plot), and dress it all with some tension-filled blue cheese vs. balsamic vinaigrette.

And what do you come up with? A delicious plot!

As Jeff says at the end of his recipe: Enjoy!

As Jeff says at the end of his recipe:

This is a very simple yet absolutely delicious salad (p. 15). I love how it combines blue cheese and balsamic vinegar as the dressing.


This doesn’t capture the beautiful sunrise one morning this week–pink and orange and red

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