Bread – Pumpkin Bread


In pottery class this past week, we took our skills one step further. Instead of only making cylinders, we attempted mugs.


Here are my three attempts. The one on the back right was supposed to be a cylinder that got a little too wide at the top. The other two are my mug attempts.


These are untrimmed. After making the pots, a week or so later, we trim the bottom. The clay has dried a bit, but it’s still soft enough to bevel and trim. After that the clay is fired. We haven’t gotten to the point in the process yet where we’re able to glaze or color the outside, but hopefully that’ll come soon.


And finally here is the trash can where all of the dead pots go. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Sad, but a good reminder that not all of our creative attempts work on the first try–and that’s okay! Failure means we’re trying.

Pumpkin Bread

I love this heart-healthy pumpkin bread recipe from Donna H. I thought it was so surprising that there were no eggs in the recipe that I checked Donna’s original email–but nope, in this case it was correct (not that I haven’t made other mistakes!). No eggs! It calls for only 1/4 c. oil, 1 c. plain yogurt, and for half of the flour to be whole wheat–all great healthy substitutions to using a cup or more of oil and only regular flour.


The bread is denser than a regular bread, but really delicious, and the raisins add a nice twist. I made some into muffins, and they worked out great. Thank you, Donna!!

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