Dessert – Stealthy Dark Fudge Brownies


Faith and Grace

At the opening service at my husband’s very first year of seminary, way back in the olden days, we heard a sermon about Abram and Sarah. When I look back at the event, I can recall the bright hope I felt and the willingness to trust God wherever He would lead.

In Genesis 11, God came to Abram and said, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you” (Gen. 11:1). Then God promises to make from Abram a great nation, to be with him and bless him. First, however, Abram had to leave his family, his home, and everything familiar.

And I love the next sentence:

So Abram went.

So much is packed in those three little words. He took his nephew, his wife, and left.

The preacher that day described the journey that many of us in the room had embarked upon. We didn’t know where God would lead us, but we were there that day, trusting God to be our companion along the way.

I didn’t know, sitting there that day, that I would enjoy seven wonderful years in Pittsburgh at Concordia Lutheran Church. And I didn’t know that He would bring us here to this great congregation in Chicago.

Now as I talk with my son about his college choices, I have the benefit of this experience. I know without a doubt that God can help me through my hardest times–because He has. He’ll provide friends, employment, a home, and everything I need wherever I am. My son can’t really make a wrong choice. He’s narrowed down his options and wherever he ends up, God will care for him, provide for him, and help him. The Christian worldview is one of hope and grace. God can take any situation and bless it–and us through the process. And He does.

The window pictured above is one of the many beautiful stained glass windows at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Elmhurst, IL. The verse comes from that great faith chapter–Hebrews 11 and describes Abram’s faith as he looks with hope to the heavenly home, the city of God.

Stealthy Dark Fudge Brownies

You’re going to laugh if you’ve not looked at this recipe in the cookbook. When Kelly Q. first told me about the “secret” ingredient in this recipe a couple of years ago, I didn’t believe her. Because who would think that brownies could taste good with this as their main ingredient?


But it’s true!

I hadn’t made them myself until last weekend. So here’s what your trading:

  • instead of white flour and oil, you use pureed black beans
  • instead of sugar, you use Splenda
  • instead of eggs, you use egg whites


The thing I like about them are how light and non-crumbly they are. I probably should have only used half Splenda/half sugar because otherwise they have kind of a saccharine flavor, but overall, I think they’re pretty darn good.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSo here’s my heart-happy Valentine for you! Make them for yourself or your Valentine tomorrow.

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