Salad – Winter Fruit Salad

A robin sighting and seatbelt icebergs

Last week straddled two seasons, winter and spring. As I was going into my gym one day last week, I saw a bird fly by my left shoulder. When I looked to the tree where it landed, I was surprised to see it was a robin!

At our church in Pittsburgh, one of our homebound members called the parsonage one February morning for the sole purpose of letting us know that she had spotted a robin in her yard. It was so cute–she was so excited to see this first sign of spring that she just had to call someone.

And spring is coming here too!

Then, on a wintry note, we had a funny thing happen to one of our seatbelts this week. I was driving Jacob to school one morning. He had a hard time getting the seat belt on, and we couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t move until he opened the door and saw a huge ice chunk wrapped around it. It made a huge mess, an icy, muddy mess. It must have formed in the span of a single day because he had sat in the passenger seat just the previous day. My guess is that he shut the door the previous day on the belt, and then it had a day’s worth of running around to gather snow and ice and form a stalactite around it!

And if you need a pick-me-up to help you get through the end of winter, you might want to listen to this version of the Lord’s Prayer by Andrea Bocelli. I mean, seriously, the breath support in this guy’s lungs is positively amazing.

Winter Fruit Salad

Well, thankfully winter is easing away, so I figured it was time to try this Winter Fruit Salad (p. 18). It’s an interesting recipe–with pears, cranberries plus swiss cheese and mustard. Interesting combination, right?


This was a delicious salad entry from Sharon A. (p. 18). Everyone cleaned their salad bowls! Even the men!


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