Main Dish – Eggplant Parm


For some strange reason, one morning this week, I woke up early and was like, huh, I may as well get up. I have writing to do! It was like a beautiful little gift–this extra hour of time when I was fresh and rested before getting into my busy day.

Actually it wasn’t due to a strange reason that I woke up early. I guess I should thank my cat for pulling my hair to wake me up. Yes, it’s absolutely true. Every morning, Yuki bites my face and pulls my hair with his teeth until I finally wake up enough to give the animals their food. If Yuki weren’t such a sweet, lovable, and cuddly kitty, I would get irritated. Overlooking slight flaws is certainly easier, though, when he is so affectionate. He’s just really hungry. All the time.

The good news around here is that the days are getting longer and longer, which means early writing mornings will become easier as spring gets nearer.

Eggplant Parm

That extra time in the morning gave me the opportunity to prepare the eggplant. Before cooking, it’s important to first leech out all of the bitterness by salting and letting the eggplant sit for awhile–or so Kelly Q. tells us in the recipe. I’m letting it sit all day with the salt, so hopefully that won’t ruin things. Maybe instead it’ll be so non-bitter that it will taste sweet!

Actually I don’t mind eggplant as long as it’s smothered in cheese and marinara sauce.

But first you have to make the sauce.


And since this is Kelly Q.’s recipe, of course as a dietician, she insisted on adding in some extra veggies. Instead of getting the frozen ones she suggested, I chopped fresh onion and green pepper.


And here it is with the rosemary bread in the foreground. It’s kind of a pile o’ eggplant, but hey, I’ve never been fixated on presentation. The taste, though? Yum.

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