Desserts – Edna’s Date Walnut Cake

Food for the Hungry

I’m going to be short-winded because it was a long, busy day. I took the youth to a food pantry in Garfield Park this morning. We had to arrive by 6:30 a.m., and I am always impressed by our young people whose commitment to helping others is always accompanied by joy and compassion. Here’s the gang at 6 in the morning.

photo 1-9


Thankfully it was a nicer day today, so more clients came to get food from the food pantry. We ran out of meat fairly early, and in place of the meat, handed out vegetables. It’s difficult to see the drawn, weary faces of the recipients. We can only hope that the food will sustain and encourage them–physically and spiritually.

photo 3-7

We are grateful to the Bread of Life food pantry in Garfield Park for allowing us to serve alongside them.

photo 2-8



I’m realizing that our youth mission trip to North Carolina is only about 4 months away now. I was talking to one of the girls today about space in the van, and figuring out hotel rooms. It’s a lot of coordinating, but thankfully we’ve done it once so know better what to expect.

But for now, we’re serving in our own backyard.

Edna’s Date Walnut Cake

I’d love to hear more about this recipe (p. 78) if Barbara S. gets a chance to share. I believe she said it was from her mother. It reminds me a LOT of the banana bread recipe I like to make–chock full of fruit and nuts.


The batter in the loaf pan


I must admit I adjusted the recipe a little bit. Barbara’s recipe called for whole walnuts, but I didn’t make a note of that when I made my shopping list and instead bought chopped. There is not a lot of flour in this recipe, but a whole lots of dates and walnuts.

The batter is to be placed in a cold oven, and then baked at 300 degrees for 2 hours. So it’s dense and hearty.



I broke my clay loaf pans a couple of years ago (there used to be four), but figured they still worked even broken.



And here it is! I think it would be delicious with some fresh whipped cream or vanilla ice cream too. Thanks, Barbara, for a great contribution!

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  1. Be still my aching heart … who cares if the walnuts aren’t whole or if the oven pans are slightly broken? Lucy and I are still drooling, especially if there’s vanilla ice cream melting over a slab of warm cake. Just gotta have some on these cold nights in CO.

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