Soup – Stan’s Sunday Football Chili


This is the stained glass at the front of Redeemer Lutheran in Elmhurst. It’s not a fabulous picture but still decent enough for you to see the row of Jesuses. (That sounded weird). I was thinking about this today during church. The Bible teaches different ways that Jesus approaches us. He is the crucified Lord, whose death on the cross paid for the sins of the world. He is also the conquering hero, victorious over sin, death, and the power of the devil.

In these windows, on the middle left, Jesus is shown on the cross as our Savior. At his feet are Mary, His mother, and John, His faithful disciple, in whose care He placed His mother. In the middle is the risen Christ. Scott preached a sermon recently about this. I mean, if we really believe that Jesus raised from the dead, why is it that we are so hesitant to call on Him in times of need? He is the conquerer over death. What else could there be to overcome that He has not already overcome? The third image is of Christus Victor–the victorious Christ over sin, death, and the devil. It’s out of focus, but he has his red victory banner in this image.

During a prayer on Sunday morning, my dear friend DiDi prayed: “Lord, from the steeple to the pencils in the pews, this building is Yours.” I loved that. The church is the Lord’s, and we are just the stewards of it.

Stan’s Football Chili

Okay, it is true that Stan’s name is on this recipe, but I have to wonder if his dietician wife was behind it. Here’s why: I started adding ingredients to the crock pot, as “Stan” directed, but it was one vegetable after another until the whole pot was full of vegetables and I had to mash down the veggies to fit in the ground turkey.


Here’s the pot with the first two ingredients–16 oz. bags of frozen diced onions and tricolor pepper. Did you notice they are already filling up half the pot? Something’s fishy here…

I recently learned that frozen chopped spinach is a great option nutrient-wise to use in cooked foods. You don’t really lose much with frozen spinach as opposed to fresh. Now, I’m wondering the same thing about frozen onion and peppers. Because it’s certainly easier–that’s for sure.


After the onions and peppers, you add chili beans and tomatoes, and then top it all with ground turkey and chili powder. At this point, I was squishing down the vegetables so the lid would go on.

I’m sort of a chili powder hog, and I usually add 2-3 tablespoons per pot, but other than that, this recipe saves on:

– calories

– sodium

– and sneaks a lot of nutrients in there with the veggies!

So thank you, “Stan,” for that!


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