Main Dish – Grandma Albers’ Beef Stew

Come, Lord Jesus

I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me before now to write about table prayers, but it seems like this should maybe become a recurring theme for the blog over the year.

As I thought about table prayers, of course, I began with research. The LCMS has some historical information that could tie the common Lutheran prayer back to Luther. And the Wisconsin Lutheran church has more.

Here’s the basic “Lutheran” prayer:

Come, Lord Jesus, be our guest

and let Thy gifts to us be blessed.

There are variations on the second line: “these” instead of “Thy,” etc.

When we lived in Pittsburgh, the Lutherans there always added a second couplet:

And may there be a goodly share

on every table everywhere.

I like this.

Because I’m involved in youth work at our church, the kids have come up with (or learned from somewhere) other prayers:

Superman Prayer (sung to the Superman theme from the movie) :

Thank you, God, for giving us food. [one arm up]

Thank you, God, for giving us food. [other arm up]

For the friends we meet [both arms up, act like you’re flying like Superman]

For the food we eat.

Thank you, God, for giving us food. Amen!

Jaws Prayer (sung in minor seconds, like the Jaws theme)

God is great and God is good

and now we thank Him for this food. [Hands over head like sharks]

If I think of it, at our next youth meeting, I’ll video the kids with these prayers just for jollies. And more on table prayers in the future. If you know any good ones, or any interesting tidbits, please share.

And for you cat lovers, here’s a new one of Yuki. He discovered a new heater vent this week.


Grandma Albers’ Beef Stew

The beauty of a church cookbook is that you get great recipes like this–family favorites passed down from one generation to the next. And we get to try all the good ones! These are “real” recipes, not high-falutin’ ones that only a gourmet can make, but everyday favorites–hearty, delicious, and satisfying.

This starts with basic stew meat, browned in oil with onions. Because I didn’t have time after work to cook it on the stove for an extra hour, I prepared the meat mixture ahead of time, and then on the day I wanted to serve it, I put it in the crock pot to finish cooking with the veggies.

After cooking the beef stew all day in the crock pot, dinner was ready for us when we got home. The beef was tender, the sauce nice and thick, and best of all–we got to eat right away!

Well, I should say that we actually ate right after I made the carrots (see next post!) and we had those along with the beef stew.


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