Salad – Grape Salad

Pottery Update

This week–after six lessons–we got our very first pots back. I made mine the first or second night–not sure now, and then they were fired. After that, we glazed them with a denim color, and….drum roll….


Here she is!

Last week we made small pitchers, and this week, we started on a covered pot. Here’s the lid:


The covered pot that the instructor made had holes in the side, sort of like a garlic container. We’ll see how it comes out next week. What I’m learning is that at any given time, potters have a plethora of projects going at the same time. Some are brand new. Some have been drying for a little while, and are ready to be trimmed. Some are ready to be fired. Some are ready to be glazed. And then if you add more than one color of glaze, it takes several firings.

It’s sort of like writing. Sometimes when people ask me what I’m currently writing, I have a hard time answering. That’s because I usually have several things going on at the same time. Right now, I’m working on 3 different poetry collections, 2 stand-alone poems, and I have two other picture book ideas brewing. So it’s always a lot of things going at the same time.

Grape Salad

As I remember, we had a BUNCH (ha!) of grape salad recipes and had to pick and choose to make sure we didn’t overdo it. That’s why the recipe is listed as having 3 contributors! So thank you, Sheree, Patti, and Sharon! I had never made this before, but I see now why you all wanted to add it.

The other multiple recipes were cheeseburger pie and taco soup. Go figure! I thought we’d have a bunch of tuna casserole or chocolate chip cookie recipes. But no.

This recipe (p. 10) calls for a LOT of grapes (4 lbs). So here is a giant bowl of grapes. Doesn’t it look inviting and delicious?


Well, I only had a giant bowl of grapes after pulling all of the grapes from the stems. So here’s the detritus left in the sink.


This is really an easy recipe–it’s just washed, de-stemmed grapes in a cream cheese/sour cream dressing, topped with some brown sugar and pecans. I’m wondering now if this should be filed under desserts, not salads! Wow is it delicious.


And here it is in my new pot!



2 responses

  1. Looks like there may have been a bit of squruit – – squashed fruit – – in the sink in addition to the detritus. Could we call that “squiruits” and ferment it?

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