Main Dish – Cheeseburger Pie


I like this picture because it shows the quiet unadorned church as it stands Monday through Saturday. On Sunday morning, the white cloth is removed, the altar paraments dictate the church season (currently Epiphany), the brass gleams, the candles glow. But on a midweek evening when I took this picture, all is quiet and still.

My anxiety reared its ugly head last week, which is probably why I long so fervently for the quiet of sacred spaces. Anxiety is a cruel taskmaster–it stirs up nervousness and worry even when there may be nothing to worry about. I feel an inner buzz–not the pleasant, friendly buzz after a glass of wine, but a buzz that makes me constantly jiggle my knee and pick at my nails. I can’t quiet my thoughts.

It’s a shame these days that we can’t keep the church open for prayer and quiet during the week. But we have to lock it up tight to prevent theft (or hobos from making it their home, but that never happened at Redeemer–or did it?!). Sad reality of modern life. Good news is that we’ll be starting a scaled-down midweek service during the summer, to give people more opportunities to worship.


In the meantime, I’ll be able to enjoy the quiet sanctuary after handbell practice on Thursday nights.

Cheeseburger Pie

This cheeseburger pie (p. 42) is a lot different from the Biquick version I’m used to. I’ve made the Bisquick recipe for many years, and it always goes over big. This recipe from Jane O. uses refrigerated crescent rolls for the crust. The filling is made up of ground beef, tomato paste, Italian seasoning, onion and some water, covered with cheese.


Here is the ground beef cooking with the onion.


And here is how it came out. Looks good, eh?


Had the cheeseburger pie with Priester’s Carrots and Broccoli salad. Great!


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