Main Dish – Turkey Sloppy Joes

Life Hacks

Every once in awhile I come across a great list of life hacks, and I want to immediately try each and every one of them. I found a hilarious site that was all man life hacks and they were ingenious. I can’t find it now. (Bronwyn?) But in the meantime, here’s a pretty good link: I particularly like #36 (BLT’s, anyone?), #20 and #21 for some stealthy security.

One of my best life hacks was my curtain rod in the living room. I could have paid a couple hundred dollars for a curtain rod actually long enough for my verrrry wide window. But the sheers that cover the window are light, and the longer, heavier drapes are only for decoration on the ends, so I thought I could make do with something I put together piecemeal. I bought a regular curtain rod, and then lengthened it with wooden dowels and a plumbing pipe–all painted black–and voila! Curtain on the cheap.


Some sort of metal pipe I found at Ace hardware


You’d never know, right? right?


But cute on the ends!


Turkey Sloppy Joes

So this was handy. I made minestrone soup and turkey sloppy joes this weekend. One called for 1 lb. of ground beef, and the other for 2 lbs. ground turkey. So I just cooked it all up together and took approximately a third of it for the minestrone soup and saved the rest for the sloppy joes. I love killing two birds with one stone in the kitchen–or anyplace else for that matter.

This is a really interesting sloppy joe recipe–different from any other I’ve made. I’ve usually used tomato paste, but this calls for ketchup, pickling spices, onion, green pepper, and it was all so good.

Another life hack I tried was using my small wire strainer instead of the cheese cloth Joan H. calls for in the recipe. I guess I used up the last of my cheese cloth (or at least I couldn’t find it), so I was poking around the kitchen for something else to put the pickling spices in. I found the mana-tea my husband gave me for Christmas for brewing tea, but I didn’t really want future cups of tea to taste like pickles, so I ruled that out.


My mana-tea


Next I found a small wire strainer, put the pickling spices in there and foil over the top. Nice!

I simmered all of the ingredients with the strainer sort of smashed down into the mixture. I could tell it was working because there was this pungent, pickley, yummy smell coming from it. And they were very tasty too! Thank you, Joan!!



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