Bonus recipe – Coffee Can Bread

A Good Movie–Even the Cat Liked it!

We watched Gravity over the weekend, and guess who else watched? Yuki.



He sat there watching it for a good ten minutes.



It was pretty cute!

If you haven’t seen Gravity, I recommend it. Talk about a nail-biter! Sandra Bullock was amazing. The direction and cinematography were beautiful. I now have a new phobia–drifting in space. Yipes!

Can Bread

My dad’s friend told him about can bread–interesting concept, eh? Baking bread in a can?

Here are some photos:


I found that perhaps the reason for doing this is because you can bake bread in a smaller container over an open fire. Here’s a camping recipe. This sounds fun!


My mother-in-law often made her banana nut bread in old coffee cans (I believe they were 1 or 1/2 lb. size). I looked around online and found some banana nut breads made in a canning jar–kind of cool!

I’ve been reading a lot about pioneers on the Oregon Trail and how their wagons jostling and bouncing along the trail churned the butter and mixed the bread dough for the travelers so that by the end of the day, they had dough ready to bake and butter ready to spread. I believe they would have used dutch ovens to bake their bread in.

I found  canned bread on the Vermont Country Store’s website. Looks interesting!


So if you want to try your own bread-in-a-can, here’s a recipe (which did not appear in the cookbook). I haven’t tried it yet, but hope to!

Combine these three ingredients in a bowl:
1 package yeast
½ cup of warm water
3 tablespoons of sugar
Add these two yeast mixture:
1 tall can of evaporated milk (13oz)
1 teaspoon of salt
2 tablespoons of oil
4 ½ cups of flour (whole wheat)
Kneed lightly.  Cut dough in half and place in two well greased 1 lb. coffee cans (recommended use: Crisco). Cover with plastic lids and let rise until the lids pop off. Bake until top is brown on top, about 45 min. at 350 degrees.

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