Vegetables – Marinated Vegetables

I apologize in advance for being a grammar snob

I really try not to be a grammar snob. The different spellings of there/their/they’re and your/you’re are a bugaboo. I get it. English is an oddity, no doubt about it. Sometimes, though, I just can’t stop myself. I blurt out “fewer!” when someone says “less” incorrectly. I say, “are you sure you want to spell it that way?” when I see a glaring typo.


I see mistakes in advertisements all the time, including this one from Jewel. So here’s the rule about “fewer” and “less.”

Use “fewer” with a countable noun as in:

fewer calories

fewer cat hairs on my pants

fewer items (not less)

Use “less” when the items are noncountable:

less snow

less water

less coffee (but fewer cups of coffee)

So, Jewel, as much as I love your Monopoly game and many choices of canned tomatoes, I’m afraid to say that I must be a grammar snob and tell you the sign should read “fewer” items, not “less.” Here is Grammar Girl’s summary–a good one.

Marinated Vegetables

I had a little bit of time before leaving for my writing workshop this week, so I decided to whip together this easy dish. The longest part of this dish prep was chopping the veggies; after that it was easy. What a great way to get some more healthy veggies in our diet!


Here are the veggies: broccoli, cauliflower, pepper, mushrooms, and celery, combined with an easy marinade:


…that begins with sugar (I used half Splenda), ground mustard, salt, pepper, oil, and vinegar.

Aside: I always have wondered when recipes call for “vinegar” but don’t specify which type, what should I use? I assume it’s either white or apple cider vinegar. Is that a correct assumption?

Anyhow, I used apple cider vinegar in this recipe and it came out nicely.


Here are the veggies all marinaded up.


…which I served with the baked spaghetti. Great meal!

This recipe (p. 29) came from Naomi P. who was a long-time teacher at a local middle school. Her specialty was social studies. She’s also been a Sunday school teacher at our church for almost 50 years. No, that was most certainly NOT a typo. 50! What a gem! Thank you for this contribution, Naomi, and for all of your years of service to the kids of our church.

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  1. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER lose your zeal about using correct grammar! One reason why we’re illiterate here in the USA is because we think others will find us snobbish if we correct grammar that is incorrect. Frankly I don’t care! My experience suggests that doing so leaves a lasting impression.

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