Main Dish – Beef Stroganoff

If you live in or around Milwaukee, you probably know about Kopp’s. And if you know about Kopp’s, you know about creamy deliciousness in the form of frozen custard. Frozen custard is a lot like ice cream but creamier and more fabulous.

On the last night of our writers’ workshop, Deb suggested we take a field trip to Kopp’s. Their flavors of the day were carmel cashew and German apple streudel. All of us sampled the carmel cashew. It was packed with flavor–and cashews. Sweet, salty yumminess.

The place was huge, and at almost 10 o’clock on a cold Thursday night in March, it was packed. Deb said wait until August on a nice summer evening.

Hamburger Stroganoff

This is the type of recipe I expect in a church cookbook. Affordable, simple, and hearty. I have a similar recipe called Hamburger Stew–veggies and hamburger in a beefy sauce, but without the noodles.

The stroganoff recipe calls for Kluski noodles. I wasn’t sure if this was a particular brand or type of noodle, so I looked it up. It’s a type of polish noodle, related to pierogis. I learned about pierogis while we lived in Pittsburgh, a type of polish dumpling–sort of like an eastern European type of ravioli.

I found the noodles, with Kluski on the package, so I grabbed those, but probably any egg noodle would do. This was a great Friday night dinner! Thank you, Sally!



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