Main Dishes – Pork Tacos

Food Dehydrator

My husband got a free gift recently and got to choose from a variety of items. I thought he was going to get the men’s watch, but he decided on a food dehydrator. A few years back, he got a juicer, and while I like it, I find that I actually like it more in theory than in practice. It’s just such a huge pain to clean. I also have very little storage space in my kitchen, so these small appliances have to be stored in the garage where they get all dirty and dusty.

I think, however, that a food dehydrator could be useful and less messy. Let’s hope so. You can make jerky, dried fruits and vegetables, and also dry herbs and flowers. Stay tuned for more on that.


I read a little about drying meats in the dehydrator, so I got some thickly sliced lunchmeat from the deli counter to make our own jerky. I tried three types of meat–chicken (buffalo flavor), turkey, and roast beef.


Here’s the jerky dehydrating.

Pork Tacos

You know, when you go to Chipotle or your favorite Mexican restaurant, do you think: I want me some shoulder! I don’t. But this recipe calls for pork shoulder. I mean, if someone tried to gnaw on my shoulder, they’d get a whole lot of bone. Meat? Not so much. But who knows, I guess pigs’ shoulders are meaty and just right for tacos.

So into the crock pot goes my pork shoulder, which I had to ask the butcher to cut for me. When I found pork shoulder at Jewel, there was only one package of 6.5 lbs, a bit more than I needed (3.5). So the nice man packaged it up for me.


This is my kind of meal. Cook your meat all day in the crock pot, and when you get home from a long day at work, you have delicious shredded pork meat ready for tacos.

Add to the pork shoulder, salsa verde, onion, chicken broth, cumin, coriander, oregano, and cilantro. I found a bottle of salsa verde, but then saw these smaller cans too. I couldn’t remember if the recipe called for a whole bottle (it does), so I got the smaller cans because I didn’t want yet another almost-empty bottle in the door of my refrigerator.



And here’s how it turned out. I used lettuce as my wrap; flour tortillas worked nicely too.



Doesn’t look like much, but was a nice base for a taco. I added salsa, sour cream, tomatoes, lettuce, green onion, and shredded cheese. Great meal!


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