Main Dish – Maids’ Night Out

Strange Findings

On the warmest day of the season yesterday, I was finally able to get outdoors for a walk without gloves! How exciting is that! I spent the day catching up from being gone last week. I discovered some interesting things when I got home. When I’m away, sometimes strange things happen. Dogs smell skunky. Fur piles up. And sometimes I find strange things like this in the freezer.


What, you may ask, is that? Why, it is leftover beef for Italian beef sandwiches, of course! Why this could not have been put in a plastic bag and refrigerated? These are questions that have no reasonable answer.

Maids’ Night Out – Otherwise known as Pork Chops & Potatoes!

The name of this recipe cracks me up. Ah, the life to have a maid to do my cooking and cleaning for me. Then maybe I would not come home to science projects in the freezer.

Alas, however, since the maid is out, I put together this dish all by my lonesome. It was a snap. Potatoes and onions lined the bottom of the pan, topped with seasoned pork chops.


Here are the pork chops, ready to go into the oven.


And here is the delicious dish! Pretty great!


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