Breads and rolls – Cranberry Orange Bread

Funny stuff

Since I’m out of things to say tonight, I thought I’d connect you to some links I recently found.

First off, here is a flash mob opera-style at a grocery store. Great, eh?

Next, watch this funny video about “Lutheran airlines.” My favorite part is at :38 when they announce the potluck, and also 2:24–“but what can you do?”–priceless! And of course, 3:15–the “Come, Lord Jesus” grace! Gotta love it.

And, just for jollies, if you don’t know about Garrison Keillor, you should. His Prairie Home Companion is great. He’s more of the Scandinavian Lutheran variety (different from the German Lutherans), but still pretty dang funny.

Cranberry Orange Bread


This bread is easy to make, even without a mixer! Since my mixer died, I had to find a recipe that would work even without it. The cool thing about this recipe is that it uses the orange zest, along with the juice of one orange. So it’s very orangey!


The recipe didn’t specify, but I used dried cranberries, and it worked out beautifully.


Here it is–I just mixed it with a fork and a pan scraper. Easy peasy! The recipe called for it to bake for an hour, but I took it out sooner, and it was almost overdone. So, at least with my oven, I’d say 40-45 minutes is plenty of time.


Here it is–in all its fabulousness.

This recipe comes from Richard H. When I see Dick and Joanne in church Sunday after Sunday, I am reminded by their shining examples of marriage, family, and faith. So grateful for their gentle presence at Redeemer.


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