Main Dish – Turkey Loaf

Cat Rules

When you live with a cat (or three), you begin to understand that you live by their rules. Here are just a few, shared by Dewey, our resident cat-in-charge.

1. If you leave an open margarine container on the kitchen counter, expect me to indulge in it. Yes, I mean I will lick the margarine and leave small tongue prints in it. Open container = open invitation.

2. Ditto for packages of bread. I may not be able to make huge holes in the plastic, but you can bet my chompers will get through parts of it, and thus, corners of your bread may disappear.

3. If you leave a cabinet or closet door open, I’ll investigate.

4. Even if you don’t leave a cabinet or closet door open, I can usually figure out how to get inside. You’ve been warned.

5. If you leave the refrigerator open, I might enter it. Ditto with the dryer door, the crawl space door, the garage door, and the outside door. Basically, I’ll go wherever I please, whenever I please.

6. While you’re changing the litter box, expect me to come and use it immediately, or even before you can get the litter into the box.

7. Trash cans may be filled with garbage in your mind, but in my mind, these are simply receptacles of hidden treasure.

8. You making the bed = playtime for me. I don’t know how long I plan to stay under the fitted sheet. That’s up to me.

9. If it’s time for breakfast, I’ll let you know.

10. If you’re eating tuna, you’ll be expected to share.


Action cam: Tuna for everyone!

Turkey Loaf

In addition to tuna salad this week, we also had turkey loaf, another great entry from Kelly Q. “Oh no, not turkey loaf,” moaned one house inhabitant. “Can’t we have something good, like steak? with mashed potatoes and gravy? Or chicken-fried steak?”

Well, you can’t have comfort food every night.

Although this is pretty darn good. Okay, not as good as mashed potatoes and gravy. But still, good.

I made this up on Sunday afternoon, and then had it as leftovers throughout the week. When it came to Thursday evening after a busy week, I was worried my refrigerator was completely bare and we’d have to succomb to getting a rotisserie chicken for dinner. But no, my planning earlier in the week paid off and we had a healthy and filling supper with turkey loaf as the main dish.


Start with some ground turkey.


Add some veggies.

Since this is Kelly Q.’s recipe, of course it’s loaded with veggies! They actually add some nice texture and flavor to the dish. I tried to cut them up small, but didn’t have my new fancy schmancy knife when I made the dish. Now, I can mince, dice, and chop to my heart’s content!


Here it is before going into the oven. I forgot to take a photo of it in its post-cooked glory, but I’ll leave that to your imaginations. I sprinkled mine with some seasoned salt, which gave it some nice flavor. The interesting part of this dish is that Kelly recommends adding a little apple juice concentrate for moisture. Great idea!

And in spite of the whining, all three plates were clean by the end of the meal.




2 responses

  1. Is “fancy schmancy” considered an engineering adjective for just a plain-old knife that will do the trick when chopping up veggies if you’re careful?

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