Salad – New Potato and Green Bean Salad

Hodgepodge of Pottery

Over the worst weather of the winter, I took an 8-week pottery class, which was such a great creative outlet. Now that it’s over, I’m slowly getting back the pieces I created after they are fired. Here are a couple of the best ones.


This is one of the small pitchers I made. I’m not sure what it’s supposed to hold, to be honest. It’s too big for a creamer, and too small for orange juice. But I made it with my own two hands!

And this is a fairly successful bowl.

The glaze makes a huge difference because clay is, by nature, pretty drab to look at. After glazing, but before firing, it’s sort of a different shade of drab. It’s not until the firing is complete that its shine and color come through.

New Potato and Green Bean Salad

I didn’t notice until just now that this is a second DiDi H. recipe in one week. How great is that?

In this recipe, DiDi calls for small red-skinned new potatoes. I saw some colored fingerling potatoes at the store, so I grabbed a bag of those instead of using red potatoes. Hopefully they’ll work out about the same.

If you like mustard, you’ll love this sweet-tangy dressing. What a delightful and interesting change from the average pasta salad dressing. (DiDi indicates in the recipe that it could also be used as a pasta salad dressing.) I chose to cut down the amount of olive oil by half, for a total of 1/4 c.

And I love this combination of potatoes and green beans. The fingerlings add some nice color as well.

Thank you, DiDi for another great entry.



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