Main Dish – Pork Tenderloin with Apricot Relish


Well, it sunk in this week that my one and only baby is going off to college this fall. How did that happen?

The thing about parenting is that you remember everything: his first steps. His giggle in his high chair. His favorite blanket. Learning to ride a bike. Making new friends. Trips to the ER. Nights up worrying. The drama of girlfriends. The expense of prom.

And then the prospect of him not being a part of our everyday life.

I don’t know how parents do it, but I see them all around me doing just that: letting their kids move on.

I make it sound dire: I realize that. It’s not like he won’t be around, doing the things all college students do: asking for money, getting free food and laundry services from home.

But I also know it’ll be different, and I’m not sure I’m ready for it.

In the meantime, I’ll probably be droning on to all my friends about colleges, college expenses, parent weekends, and more.

So thank you in advance for listening.

Pork Tenderloin with Apricot Relish

I’m a big fan of pork tenderloin. It’s tasty, lean, and can be dressed up in many ways. This recipe (p. 55) uses a fairly basic marinade with soy sauce, dry mustard, garlic, and a little oil, with the addition of apricot jam or jelly.

As I write this, the pork is marinating in all those yummy flavors and as soon as I hop off the treadmill, I’ll start on the potato and green bean salad we’ll have along with it.

Here is the pork tenderloin prior to going into the oven. I didn’t quite understand how to tie it with string, as indicated in the recipe, so I went ahead and threw it in as is.

By the way, I used Simply Fruit, the jam that is, as you might expect only fruit–and very tasty. My mom told me about that little treasure.
Here it is, fresh from the oven.


And here it is with the delicious potato and green bean salad. What a great dinner!

Thank you, Jeanne D. for this fabulous recipe! Wow–it was wonderful!


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