Main Dish – Beef Burgandy

Almost Holy Week

Post #100!

Our last Wednesday Lenten service was this week, and we’re gearing up for Holy Week, starting on April 13, Palm Sunday. I find the traditions of the liturgical calendar a comfort.

The children’s procession of waving palms on Palm Sunday. The kids’ first communion on Holy Thursday. The candlelit church on Good Friday at the Tenebrae service. The long accounting of God’s story throughout the Bible at the Easter vigil. The lack of sleep, but the joy of Easter lilies amid the brass playing on Easter morning.

In terms of cooking during Holy Week, I try to have meals that fit the somber note of the day. We have fish or lentil soup on Good Friday, lamb on Easter. It’s all coming soon, so you’ll be hearing more about that next week.


Beef Burgandy

This dish tastes a lot like the beef stroganoff I grew up on. What really makes it work is cooking it for 2 hours, which softens up the beef cubes.

This recipe reminds me a lot of the Pioneer Woman’s beef stew recipe. I slightly prefer hers because it’s more flavorful. The turnips and carrots add a nice element of texture to the dish as well.

But this one was a nice weeknight dish. What I did was cooked it the evening before, when I had time to let it simmer on the stove while I caught up on my favorite TV show. Then I reheated the next evening after cooking up some egg noodles. Easy.

First task is to soften up some onions:


Then brown the beef cubes in oil.


Then add the red wine, the beef broth, seasonings, and mushrooms, and let it simmer away for forever. And here’s how it comes out:



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