Main Dish – Salmon Patties

On the warmest day of the season yet, I shocked my cat by putting on a pair of shorts. I swear Yuki gave me the once-over as I came down the stairs. He seemed to be thinking, “What is she doing with her legs exposed?” It was quite funny.

On that warm day (yesterday), I went to Costco. Anyone who knows me well knows that I have a strong love/hate relationship with Costco, mostly hate. The bargain hunter in me likes to find the cheapo deals. The anxious nervous wreck part of me gets easily overwhelmed amid all the sights, sounds, huge packages, etc. It’s overstimulating, just too much to take in.

I’ll admit that it’s nice coming home with a carload of stuff that I know I won’t have to shop for any time soon. But sometimes it’s that stockpile of stuff that makes me feel oh-so-self-sufficient. I see that line-up of paper towel rolls, standing neatly like soldiers at attention, and I feel this sense of comfortability. Not only do I not have to shop for paper towels any time soon, but I also feel rather pleased with myself for having all that stuff.

Also, when I look around Costco, I find that about 75% of the stuff is totally unnecessary. Do I really need fancy, imported sparkling water from Italy? No. Do I need a 5-pound tub of strawberry Twizzlers? Definitely not. Do I need a 12-pack of paper towel? Well, it comes in handy, but I could do with one at a time.

I guess part of what has me thinking about this is the research I’m doing about people who lived in this country about 150 years ago and the travelers who went cross-country in their covered wagons. If they needed new clothes, they sheared the sheep, spun the wool, wove the fabric, and sewed it into a shirt. But it’s so easy for us today to purchase everything ready-made that I sometimes wonder what we’ve lost in being so removed from creating the product. Instead we are simply consumers wanting more and more.

The Costco culture has become the norm in our society. We don’t just need a 4-pack of toilet paper, we need 48 rolls! We aren’t satisfied with a pack of gum; we want a 14-pack! At $7.99 it’s quite a steal!

Maybe I’m just being a curmudgeon. But when I come out of there with $189 less than when I came in–and that’s a good day–I tend to get a little cranky.

Salmon Patties

But these salmon patties will make you anything but cranky.

I have purchased canned salmon before, maybe once, so this was new territory for me. But, as you may expect, the cans of salmon were right next to the cans of tuna. So far so good.

But then I had a memory of a friend of mine telling me to avoid buying canned salmon that has not be de-boned. Oh dear. I searched the cans of red salmon, but none of them said they were de-boned.



Well, this was most definitely NOT de-boned. In fact, is that a spine in there? Why yes. Yes it is.

Geez. That’s almost as bad as the feather I found on the chicken wing. Wait a minute. Maybe I don’t want to go back in time after all. Let’s embrace our Costco-loving culture!

After successfully de-spining the salmon meat, I combined it with the fresh-squeezed lemon juice, parsley, onion, and other seasonings to make up these great patties.


Looks sorta like tuna salad, eh?

Then I put some olive oil in a pan and browned them up. Here’s how they looked in the pan.


And here’s the finished product. Yum!



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