Breakfast Main Dish – Eggstrata

Easter weekend

We left the somber, silent, darkened church on Friday night at the end of the Good Friday service. All week, I’ve had on my mind that line from the hymn, “Do we pass the cross unheeding, breathing no repentant vow?” Just that one little line caught my attention. I said to myself: yes. That is definitely what I do.

Sometimes the danger of being so closely connected to my church and a small portion of the behind-the-scenes knowledge is too much familiarity. I’m almost numbed to the sights and sounds around me because they are so familiar. This is why the church calendar is so important. Without it, there is no cycle to our worship, no shape to the baptismal life. With it, we travel through seasons of repentance, seasons of joy, seasons of celebration. And Holy Week is the pinnacle of that life together. We feel the emptiness and shallowness of our own pettiness and selfishness on Good Friday, owning the fact that we ourselves have no one else to blame. And then we renew our hope in the resurrection and the hope of heaven on Easter Sunday, festive and joyous, full of trumpet blasts and the scent of lilies in the air. Here is an Easter poem for you today.

Easter Alleluias

On Good Friday,

I unlock the church door,

swing it wide and find

in a dusty stairwell:

a crowd,

a host of

Easter lilies

sweetening the air,


to trumpet their news.

In the darkness of Tenebrae,

candles are extinguished,

silence fallen.

But waiting in the wings,

the lilies wait to trumpet their news

with the scent of resurrection:

He is risen!



For the second (or is it third?) year in a row, we are serving Eggstrata (p. 36) for the Easter breakfast. It’s one of those fabulous make-ahead breakfast casseroles that you put together the day before, and then pop in the oven the morning you serve it. This year, we are making five pans. In addition, we’re serving pancakes, fruit salad, bacon, and beverages. It’s a delicious breakfast, which I can say because I don’t actually cook anything! I just do the shopping and order the kids around while they put everything together. Also, three fabulous chefs, Jeff W., Fritz T., and his son Leland make the bacon/pancakes.

photo 1-12

Here are the ingredients for the eggstrata–simple! Hash browns, eggs, milk, cheese, and seasonings.

photo 2-11

Here are Monique and Walt, hard at work cracking eggs and assembling the egg casserole.

photo 3-9

And here are four of my fruit choppers, feeling shy in front of the camera.

photo 4-7

And the amazing sidewalk art that Hannah, Kelley, Abbey, and Alexandra created. Beautiful!

However, the crucified bunny was totally unintentional! The bunny came first, right where the T needed to go! Oh, the Easter ironies.

photo 5-3

Happy Easter!



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