Appetizer – Gingered Mango Salsa

Salsa has been called America’s favorite condiment. I’m not sure about that–wouldn’t you think it’s mustard or ketchup?

According to The Nibble, it supplanted ketchup as the favorite condiment in 2000.

Anyway, it’s a delightful condiment, whether or not it’s America’s favorite.

Gingered Mango Salsa

This delightful condiment would be delicious with crunchy corn chips. I’m going to serve it over grilled chicken.

It starts with mango. It calls for a cup of chopped mango. I used two, and that seemed to make about a cupful.

But here’s the bad news. I chopped up one jalapeño pepper. While I was chopping, while my fingers were covered in the oil from the pepper, I grabbed a blueberry and popped it in my mouth. Big mistake! The oil from the jalapeño made my lips throb with pain. Ouchy!

So I looked online for some remedy. I found one suggestion that you rub the spot with bleach. Really, bleach? The person wrote back on the forum saying the only thing she had was toilet cleaner bleach. Thankfully, the person responded that she should not use toilet cleaner bleach. Sheesh!

Someone else wrote that she should try lime juice. Okay, that was more reasonable, so I gave it a try. Nope, didn’t work. Someone else suggested white vinegar. Nope. I knew that bee stings are soothed by baking soda paste. So I tried that. By this time, I’d smeared lime juice, vinegar, and baking soda on my lips. Still hurt.

Oh well, it’s better now after an hour or so…

And here’s how the salsa turned out. It’s sweet and tangy. We’ll see how it tastes over the grilled chicken tomorrow!



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