Salad – Fruit Salad with Mint

A springtime rite of passage

This Sunday after Easter, we celebrated with eight of our young people as they were confirmed in their faith. Most Lutheran churches confirm at the end of the eighth grade. Many congregations confirm their youth on Palm Sunday, but some choose other dates. For the last couple of years, we’ve selected the Sunday after Easter. Other congregations where we’ve been have celebrated it on Pentecost.

I love this picture of our beautiful building with the confirmands at the altar.


It’s fitting that confirmation is tied to Easter. This reminds me of the Easter vigil, late on Holy Saturday. In the early church, new believers–young and old alike–would be welcomed to receive all the gifts of the church during this service. Their connection with the church would always in their minds be tied to Jesus–to His death and resurrection. I like that.

It’s always a delight to see our young people be confirmed. They’re all primped and pretty, for their big day. Their families, and their church family, surround them with prayer. And that’s a beautiful thing.

Fruit Salad with Mint

Like some of the other recipes in the cookbook, this is more of an idea for a good combo rather than a recipe per say. This is your basic mixture of chopped fruit, but with a twist–with lime, fresh mint, and sweetener. Wow is this delicious! It’s like eating candy–and it’s very healthy!!

I used berries and mango and dressed it with fresh-squeezed lime juice, fresh chopped mint, and splenda.

It was a little tricky to find the fresh mint. I had to search at 3 stores before I found it, but fresh is absolutely worth it! I chopped it with kitchen shears in a small dish, which works very well. Then I combined it with the lime juice and splenda.


And here’s how it came out. Not only is it a treat to look at, but it also has fresh, delicious flavor. Go make this right now!


This was one of the recipes I contributed to the cookbook. I learned about it from Cher M. Cher helps me so willingly with all my various problems. Need a fruit salad recipe? Cher’s got one! Need to dry your pants after water spills on them? Cher’s office becomes my hideout. Need a place to stay in Athens, Ohio? Cher finds me a vacation rental–complete with alpacas. So, thank you. Cher, for guiding me to this recipe, and to all of your other help!

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