Vegetables – Candied Carrots

Sadness. Great sadness. Our internet at home has been out for the last five days. It’s tricky to write a blog without a connection since I’m used to working from an online site. But that doesn’t mean it’s not do-able. I got along just fine in the mountains of North Carolina last summer without a problem, so you’d think I’d remember how to write offline. Oh well…First World problems!

Speaking of North Carolina, our youth group is going again to N.C. for our second Servant Event in the third week of June. This year we’re 18 travelers strong. I want to make sure we have things to do in the car–Silly Putty, trivia, and embroidery floss for friendship bracelets.

Last year, one of the moms bought a great surprise for us, which we didn’t discover (for some reason) until two or three days into the trip. Orbitz Bubblemint gum! Maybe it was because we were so tired and working so hard, the gum was like a perfect treat!

So all of that is on my mind, along with all of the preparations for my son’s graduation in just over a week. We have family coming in this coming Wednesday and then on Friday, so I’m trying to get the place in shape. Part of what I’m up against is the debris and leftover muck from our horrible winter. I feel like we’re still just getting past the worst of it, and so many things around the house need to be cleaned up.

For example, I don’t have a large kitchen, so I use storage space in my garage. Usually the potatoes I keep out there do just fine. But not this year. With our below-zero temps, the unending cold and freezing, they all spoiled. Then when we had a thaw, they turned into this brown juicy nastiness. So the shelves in the garage really need repainting, but that’s not happening any time soon. But I can at least clean off most of the stain.

And that’s just one example among a host of other interesting effects of our brutal winter.

Candied Carrots

Well, with a name like “candied” it’s got to be good, right?

This recipe is super easy–boil the carrots, toss with some butter and sprinkle with brown sugar and cinnamon. It’s going to be a great addition to our meat loaf dinner.

Now I am wondering: is meatloaf one word or two? Hmm…

My mom read my meatloaf post, and had this to say about the recipe: “[The recipe] is actually from a little booklet, ‘Betty Crocker’s Ways with Hamburger,’ first published by General Mills in 1969. I bought it for 49 cents. The other great thing about the recipe is that it makes great sandwiches.”

–She ain’t kidding about the great sandwiches. I totally forgot to mention that. I’m usually sort of meh when it comes to regular old sandwiches, but make me a meatloaf sandwich, and yum….it’s great!

Anyway, enjoy your carrots AND meatloaf!


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