Dessert – Huckleberry Pie

Huckleberry Pie

With a name like Huckleberry Pie, it sounds too fun not to make. For our cooking club at Elmhurst Public Library this week, our focus is on PIE! So I scanned through the cookbook and found this fabulous-sounding recipe. Just had to make it!

Barb specifies in her recipe that if huckleberries can’t be found, you can use either fresh or frozen blueberries. Because the price of blueberries is still pretty high, I chose frozen. I’m not sure if the high cost is due to a) the fact that they’re not quite in season yet, or b) if it has anything to do with the California drought this past winter. Either way, frozen was a great option.

One thing I loved about living in Fort Wayne, IN was that there is a blueberry farm about 45 minutes from town called Blueberry Acres. Even when the novelty had worn off for Jacob, I still forced him to come with me and pick blueberries on a summer day in early July. We’d take our buckets out to the tall bushes and go to town. The nice thing about picking blueberries (as opposed to raspberries) is you don’t have to deal with thorns–always a plus.

Barb S., who is one of our relatively new members at Redeemer, always has a positive attitude, a matter-of-fact way to look at things, and a unique perspective. I remember her saying once when someone was talking about being stressed about something that “well, this is maybe not a big deal. Think of it just as a medium deal.” I loved that, and helps me to think about things that might be overwhelming.

She says this about her recipe: Huckleberries grow in the mountains of Montana.  Bears love them.  They look like blueberries but are deep purple in color.  Each evening we would stop for a huckleberry ice cream cone when doing Glacier.  This recipe comes from the Huckleberry Patch, a store and restaurant a few miles west of West Glacier, Montana.  John and I always stop to get huckleberry pie when were stay in Apgar or West Glacier, Montana.  I hope the pie turns out well for you.

She also sent along a picture of the postcard from the Huckleberry Patch:



And if you’re really interested, you can even mail order a pie from them.

Here are the blueberries, grated apple, sugar, and other ingredients. I think (though I’ve not yet tasted it) that it’s the almond flavoring that’s going to make this really special.


I got the crust recipe from this book. It was super easy to follow, and the crust looks beautiful. We’ll see how it tastes later!


And here’s the finished product. Yum!



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