Oven-Baked Beef Brisket

This recipe (p. 53) cooks low and slow–5 hours at 275 degrees. You really can’t go wrong with brisket. It’s so tender and delicious, and can be seasoned in a variety of ways–BBQ, beefy, spicy, smoky, you name it.

You can’t go wrong with fresh-cut lilacs either. My friends have really rallied around me to help me get ready for houseguests. My friend Sherri cut a bunch of luscious-smelling lilacs to make my house delightful smelling. I just bury my face in the purple petals–can’t get enough of them!

The huckleberry pie was, I must say, a pretty big hit yesterday. My pie crust came out better than I’ve ever been able to make. Really, you all must get the book Ms. American Pie to learn how to make great pie crusts. Her theory goes like this: chill the butter and shortening, combine with the flour with your hands. Throw in your dash of salt, and then dribble in ice water until the dough sticks together. Here’s what looks like a link to the recipe.

photo 1-15

On Thursday, we headed to Cantigny Park, despite the rain and chilly weather. Here are some photos of the beautiful pansy beds in their gardens.

photo 2-14

The cool thing (other than the weather) is we got in free with the Museum Pass from the library. With all of this rain, it seems like the grass is growing at a rate of 1/2″ an hour, but I’m not complaining. It’s lovely to look outside and see a sea of green–so nice a change from the bleak, long, dreary winter.

photo 3-12

Oven-baked Beef Brisket
This recipe could not be easier. Here’s what you do:
1. Go to the store and buy a brisket.
2. Come home and set your oven for 275 degrees.
3. Wrap the brisket in heavy aluminum foil (2 layers to seal in juices).
4. Wait 5 hours.
5. Eat.

And Laura P., guess what? There’s only one ingredient! Can’t go wrong with that.

As I’m writing I see a robin going back and forth across the yard. I think she must have a nest started in one of the bushes in the backyard. I can’t tell for sure if she’s building the nest or going back and forth to feed babies. Will try to surreptitiously inspect later.

20140515-100956.jpgHere’s the brisket, all shrouded, cooking away in the oven.

After it came out of the oven around 3 p.m., Jacob immediately asked for a sandwich. He had the brisket with melty provolone cheese and BBQ sauce.

And here’s how it looks, just hanging out in the pot.

photo 1-14

This recipe is from Barbara S., and is delicious, of course when cooked correctly–as Barb directs. But I must say that I love Nancy O.’s brisket recipe with the BBQ sauce (p. 39).



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  1. Even if you just THINK you’ll enjoy this brisket, you MUST give it a try. Even on the morning following dinner the memory of its delicious flavor is somewhat likely to make your mouth water. Great stuff!

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