Main Dish (Breakfast) – Egg Casserole


Well, last weekend was graduation weekend. We had a nice time with family, celebrating Jacob’s big day.




I love this picture because it shows the full circle of Jacob’s education and Lucy’s life. We got Lucy in 2001, the summer before Jacob started kindergarten. And here she is with our high school graduate, through it all.

I still have a lot to catch up on after the busy weekend, so unfortunately, I’ll have to continue neglecting you all for a couple more days. I promise more–soon!

Egg Casserole

This delicious egg casserole recipe was the perfect main dish to serve to my house guests on Saturday morning, alongside banana bread and fruit salad. The casserole is cheesy, hearty, and delicious. It includes both cheddar and swiss cheese, which gives it a rich flavor.

I used low-calorie flax seed bread cubes, low-fat cheese, and bran flakes as the topping instead of corn flakes. This helped to lighten up the recipe–and still it was completely fabulous.

Unfortunately, amid all of the busy-ness of the weekend, I forgot to take a picture of the egg casserole! But it looked and tasted great!

This recipe comes from Karen O., one of my fellow book-clubbers. Karen has a quiet steady presence, impeccable taste, and dedication to her family and her church family. She’s a treasure!



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