Breads and Rolls – Apricot Bread

Don’t ask me why I’m making all of this stuff I shouldn’t be eating. Okay, fine do ask me. I’ll tell you the reason: I’ve used up all of the other recipes! Seriously, I’m done with almost all of the salads, the soups, and most of the main dishes. I’ve even made some pretty good headway into the appetizers. So what’s left includes breads, rolls, desserts, and cookies. What I’m doing (mostly successfully) is giving away all of the stuff my men wouldn’t really care to eat and not eating it myself. So friends and neighbors: you may soon be getting a foil-wrapped treat!

News on the blog front: my dear friend, Kelly Q. is going to help on a more regular basis. I’ve asked that she help with the desserts and cookies since those are my big weakness. She exercises more than about 3 people put together, so she can afford the calories. Plus, she’s a dietician, so she can give you all sorts of good foodie info. And as usual, she’s got my back in many and various ways!

In the meantime I’m catching up around home–as you can see from my being able to write again. I’m also catching up on some other writing projects.

I recently finished a children’s sermon assignment from Concordia Publishing House, and I’m currently working on sets of My Devotions and Portals of Prayer. Speaking of Portals of Prayer, my newest set will be coming out in the month of July. I wrote those July devotions at least two years ago, so they’re a long time in coming. They’re a challenge to write because they’re so stinkin’ short, but hey, it’s a good lesson in conciseness.

One of the challenges about being a freelance writer is actually twofold. It’s a bit of a challenge to get assignments, but once I have them I love them since I usually do well working within deadlines. Then there’s the stuff that’s written “on spec,” which is writer-speak for “on speculation,” meaning there’s no guarantee it’ll sell. This material is usually something I’m more passionate about because it comes from what I love. But it’s always harder to find time for this because there are plenty of things I’ve written which I adore, but have not and may never sell. So it can be a bit tricky.

Now I’m trying to write about a covered wagon journey set of poetry for young audiences. The collection will probably be about 30 poems, and I’m about 2/3 of the way done. But I feel myself losing steam. That partly comes from being at this point in the project. The end is not yet in sight, but I’m past the original super-excited writing phase.

But once I force myself to keep my Butt In Chair (that’s Jane Yolen’s BIC rule–the only way you get writing done is by BIC), then I’ll rev up that excitement again.

Apricot Bread

This recipe (p. 65) can be made with either dried apricots or dates. I chose apricots. I had a lick of the batter and it tasted great, but I’m giving away all of the bread, so someone will have to tell me how it came out!

I wonder how bakers do it–or are they doomed to have rotund figures? I mean, that’s like the worst food temptation known to man–baking without licking the spoon and then sampling the end product.

Oh well, it must be done. There was waaaay too much spoon-licking over the winter. I’m down 8 hard-fought pounds, so I need to keep this going.

When my family was visiting from out of town, we were looking at some photos of my great grandmother. I think I inherited her genes. She was tall and, shall we say, curvy? Sigh…

Even so, amid the temptations, I’m finding I really love to cook and bake. With my writing and my work at the library, I sit a lot and think. But cooking is relaxing for me because I can be on my feet, have a distraction, and work at creating something delicious for my family or friends.

This recipe (p. 65) begins with chopping up the apricots and then pouring boiling water over them to soften. Right away, baking soda is added to the hot water/apricots. It fizzed up and sounded impressive. Not sure what that did, but it sounded cool. Then I added all of the other ingredients. Again, I did half-and-half sugar/Splenda and regular flour/whole wheat flour.


See those yummy chunks of dried apricot?

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESHere they are, ready to be wrapped and given away.


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  1. Hmmm … adding baking soda to the hot-water mix because it sounds cool as it bubbles up even though we don’t know what it does. Weird combination of contrasts. I guess.

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