Guest Post – Cookies – Double Chocolate Oatmeal

Another great guest post from Kelly Q.:

The Pool
Somehow the long hard winter ended just a few weeks ago and here we are in Summer! It doesn’t seem as if Spring really lasted long enough to call it a real season! I must confess it is my favorite season, mostly because I love to be in the pool. Yes, I will confess to being a “poolaholic”! I wouldn’t go as far as to put one in my backyard (too much maintenance!) but I’m in the pool all year round teaching water aerobics and almost every day of the summer, I am at one of our outdoor pools swimming laps or hanging out with my kids while they frolic. It’s a great social scene too. I love running into the “alumni” from the mom baby boot camp I’ve been teaching over 10 years at the pool too. Swimming helps my crew sleep and eat better and swimming laps is a great mental release for me.

During a recent visit to East End pool, my 5 year old daughter got into my husband’s car and left without my knowledge. It happened that the pool was temporarily closing because of a passing storm and hundreds of people were exiting at the same time. I didn’t see his car enter the lot or her get into the car, even though I was expecting his arrival. It happened that our blog master, Julie, happened to be leaving at the same time. I don’t know what I would have done without her looking for my escape artist in the locker room and pool deck. Knowing she had my back and was praying as we milled through the crowd helped me stay calm as the capable staff called a “Code Pink” and went on a full out search for my daughter. She is a dear friend in so many ways, and I do believe God sent her to East End not just for swim but also to help me!

It came to me when I was swimming laps the other day the importance of water in the Bible. There are 2 rivers parted and crossed in the Old Testament, and a river that turns into blood during the plagues in Egypt. In the New Testament, there are Baptisms by John in the Jordan and later on by the Apostles. Jesus turns water into another favorite beverage, wine. He gives his Apostles the ultimate example of service by washing their feet. I am sure there are many other water symbols I overlooked.

Our Sunday School curriculum does a wonderful job linking the symbolism of baptism into many of the Old and New Testament stories. Another Redeemer friend who has assisted with Sunday school, Laura P. , and I were talking last week about the origin of making the sign of the cross and how it is to remind us of our baptisms. We took the 1-4 graders on a field trip around the church to look at some of the hidden nooks, looking for different examples of crosses. We couldn’t get them into the washroom quick enough to cleanse the dust and dirt from those curious hands!

Double Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies
This was another great find in our cookbook, on page 95. I loved that it could be mixed together ahead of time and refrigerated the dough overnight (or a few days, in my case). I also love chocolate and any excuse to eat it, especially when there is something else with health benefits mixed in like oatmeal or even beans, as in my stealthy brownie recipe!


I didn’t make modifications in this recipe, but I think that the sugar could be reduced as the mini chocolate chips add a lot of sweetness. Perhaps using egg whites instead of whole egg would be another fat/calorie saver.


This recipe was contributed by 2 of our long standing members, Diane Frantzis and Marian Pusheck. Both ladies have been active in many areas of our congregation, more than I am even aware of in my relatively short tenure! Thanks to both of you for a delicious way to get more fiber into our diets!!

Julie here: Thanks, Kelly, for making the cookies and commenting with all of your dietician knowledge! I was also relieved all was well with MK! Thankfully, it was just a miscommunication and nothing else. Hard to keep track of little bodies at a very busy pool.


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