We had a lovely time at Ohio University for freshman orientation. Yes, it’s a long way from home, but boy, I sure see the appeal. The brick-paved roads,


…the colonial architecture, steeped in history…


…the cozy nooks near the library…


…the staff and welcoming environment.

They’ve given us a lot of information to chew on, but I’ll leave you with that for now.

Jacob is brimming with excitement about the opportunities that lie ahead. I won’t lie: I shed some tears at the morning session for parents when the dean started talking about mourning over the loss of life together. But good tears. Tears that mean I know Jacob is ready to go. I just have to let him. But being at OU and seeing what the campus has to offer helps.

One response

  1. What a great time you must have had! With all the foliage and trees there on the campus, I hope you or Jacob will remember to share a few photos when fall colors start to show up. Gee, I miss the start (or restart) of campus life from a few decades ago.

    Jacob, you are indeed fortunate, and even grandparents shed a few tears as we reminisce on our 55th wedding anniversary here in weird-weather Colorado.

    Our best to you,

    Grandpa & Grandma

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