Salads – Lime Cottage Cheese Jello

Due in part to this:


Wait, you can’t tell what that is? It’s a Jimmy Johns sign in the back seat of our car! I guess it’s what Jacob sticks on the roof when he goes on deliveries.

Anyhoo, due in part to that…and the fact that I was too stubborn to NOT ride my bike home, I got a bit soggy on the ride since it was steadily raining. Since there was no thunder, just a gentle steady rain, I raced to the Prairie Path where the trail is almost completely tree-covered.

I had nowhere to go this evening, so a ride in the rain was really not a big deal. But it got me thinking about just how luxurious we Americans have it when we get into our lounge chairs, er, front seats of our cars, put them in drive, and zoom across town.

I rode my bike to the gym, went to an exercise class, rode to the library for work, and then rode home. I feel so self-sufficient these days, and so happy not spending my money on gas.

The gentle rain showers were exactly what the yard needed, and look how pretty my pansies still are.


I know they won’t last past the 4th of July, so I’m enjoying them while I can.

I’m in that slight lull between our visit to Ohio Univ. and our youth mission trip. I have two weeks at home before going on our second North Carolina adventure. In the past few days, I’ve arranged for hotel rooms, deposited money, paid money, sent out reminders, and arranged for a commissioning during our Sunday service this weekend. But really I’m not doing all that much. That’s partly because we have a well-oiled machine working now: Kevin is helping to arrange the transportation, Fran is buying the snacks for the trip, Barb is arranging for spots where we can stop and eat, Nat is organizing a pre-trip bonfire, and the Servant Event organizers are doing everything else. So it’s all a group effort, for sure.

Oh, gotta give a shout out to Rosie and Matt from Kritter Kare. These two take care of our animals while we’re away from home sometimes and this time, Rosie took pity on Lucy’s sad state of fur. I mean, it was getting bad. But I just didn’t have the heart to take her to the groomer where she’d have to stand on that high metal table when her back legs don’t work.

When we got home on Saturday night (a little earlier than expected), we found three cats but no Lucy. Come to find out that she was at Rosie’s getting a complimentary grooming! How sweet of Rosie and Matt to do that!

Lime Cottage Cheese Jello Salad
The name really doesn’t do this jello salad (p. 12) justice. Because frankly, lime jello and cottage cheese don’t sound all that appealing together. I mean, it doesn’t sound gross, like Velveeta and chocolate, but still, the name is a little unassuming. It should be called: Amazing, Delicious Cool Whip with slight lime Flavoring. (Sorry I got bored with capitalizing all those letters, which is probably why it’s called Lime Cottage Cheese Jello.)

So you start making your jello, right? And you’re like, okay, this is looking pretty good–limey and all.


But then it’s time to add the marshmallows to the hot jello mixture to dissolve them. So basically, we took lime flavoring and sweetener, and then added some more sweetener. Okay! I’m on board.


See, the marshmallows are getting all mushy. Once everything’s good and mixed together, you add crushed pineapple, basically a fruity sweetener. Finally, add your cottage cheese and a container of Cool Whip. What’s not to like?!


Again, it’s a little misleading that this is in the “salad” section since salad should imply some degree of fruit or vegetable. But hey, who’s getting technical?



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