Salad – Sunshine Salad

At Orientation

While we were at Ohio Univ.’s freshman orientation, Jacob had to get his student ID. He was staying in a dorm, and Scott and I were staying in a hotel, so we didn’t see him before he headed over to check-in first thing Friday morning.

Turns out he showed up in a shirt from another university, which he’d bought at a thrift store. It was some random school like USC.

The new assistant dean of students was having none of that. He took one look at Jacob, gave him a brand-new t-shirt, and made him put it on. So Jacob’s ID shows two shirts–one red poking out from under the hunter green OU one.

So we all had a good chuckle about that until that evening when the Dean of Students was giving her talk about avoiding sexual assault, drug use, drinking, and all other behaviors that go against the code of conduct.

At the end, she was trying to lighten up the atmosphere when she said something about how the OU Bobcats take a lot of pride in their university, saying that people get mocked if they wear other apparel. She asked, looking out at the crowd, “Did anyone wear any other school apparel today?”

Of course, Scott and I being the loving parents that we are, pointed in Jacob’s direction. At that point, Jacob, had changed shirts yet again. This one was green, not a t-shirt from another school, but not the OU shirt either.

So she called Jacob up on stage, before the hundreds of people in the room. He was a good sport about it, went up there, and showed her his ID with the red collar. She said, “Well, now you’re a Bobcat, so here’s another shirt.”


Here he is, speaking with Jenny Hall Jones, the dean of students at OU.

Before her talk had started, they had a Twitter feed showing on the screens in the front of the room. Students were posting things like: “Hey, where’s the party tonight?” To which a parent replied: “You all are underage.” #NoPartyForYou

Later on, I tweeted this to the dean of students:


Anyhow, it was a fun exchange. Jacob said that the next day, some girl said to him, “Hey, nice shirt,” and he laughed.

Sunshine Salad
This recipe (p. 16) sure brings back memories. It’s got a long history in my family. It’s about as simple as you can get: orange jello (I used sugar-free), crushed pineapple, and grated carrots.


Other than my mom’s/grandma’s strawberry/cream cheese jello, this is the one I remember most from my childhood.

I’ll be taking it to Elmhurst Public Library’s Dish! Club for Cooks on Wednesday. Our emphasis during this month’s meeting is salads, so everyone is bringing one for our event.


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  1. You crack me up! Now I suppose Scott will be wanting to take some strawberry cream cheese jello to the cigar lounge clad in Jacob’s old non-O.U. T-shirts. On second thought – – never mind. (The idea ties this blog entry all together though, doesn’t it?)

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