Main Dish – Stuffed Green Peppers

Crunch Time
I’m starting to feel the pinch of the final week before the youth group’s trip to North Carolina. I haven’t started packing, which is strange for me. But I’ll get to that on Sunday afternoon. I keep fixating on the bunks in the cabins. Truly, I found my vinyl 3-inch mattress relatively comfortable even if my time upon it was much too short. But then I remember how my feet hung outside of my sheet/sleeping bag arrangement, and wondered if there was some other way to set things up. So I stopped by REI today and found these cool silk sheet mummy things you put inside your sleeping bag. And then I looked at the price tag. Uh, no. I will not pay $59.95 for your fancy schmancy silk-mummy-sheet. I may just have to live with my feet hanging off the end. These are the ridiculous petty details I get wrapped up in.

Oh, the other thing I keep thinking about is getting trivia books from the library since the kids seemed to like my jr. trivia game in the van last year. So I’ll try to remember to look for something of that nature this week.

I may have to forego getting silly putty and/or other time-passing items for the car. The kids seemed to do just fine last year without anything special. My mom donated some embroidery thread, so I foresee the girls and me making friendship bracelets. I wanted to get the kids goodie bags, but I don’t think I’ll have time to shop between now and next Saturday.

Stuffed Green Peppers
This recipe (p. 59) also brings back childhood memories–just like the sunshine salad. I’ve made this maybe two or three times in my married years, and that was long ago. So it was fun to try this again.

This is a multi-step process, but not difficult, especially since I had made the meat mixture on a previous day. I just had to add the brown rice, tomatoes, ketchup, and other seasonings.


I was not reading the recipe carefully, so I added the tomato sauce to the meat mixture instead of pouring it over the top of the peppers. But it all still tasted good.


I had these nifty thin slices of cheese, which is a Sargento product. So I put the thinly sliced cheese over the peppers in just the last five minutes of the cooking time. Well, if I’m completely honest, again I was not reading the recipe correctly. I stuck the slices of cheese on top of the green pepper, only to read that they were not to go in the oven until the very end. So I fished the pan out of the oven, unstuck the slightly melty cheese, draped it over the edge of a glass measuring cup and stuck the pan back in the oven. Sheesh…I guess it helps to read things first!

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  1. I too remember those stuffed green peppers from Julie’s childhood. They’re really tasty for filling an empty tummy. Be kind to yourself and give them a try – – you’ll forget all about cold toes quickly!

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